Rachelle's Reading List, Monday, Nov. 8th, 2010

by Rachelle Hruska · November 8, 2010

    This weekend was a time to relax and chill out. Before your Monday gets carried away from you, stop and check in on what catching my attention:

    1. The "Herbal Tea Party." Ha. We got a big kick out of this cartoon by Barbara Smaller in this week's New Yorker Magazine. The "Herbal Tea Party" encourages it's members to: "Calm Down," "Count to Ten," "Be Mellow" [The New Yorker]

    2. Weekend festivities. I was in Montauk, enjoying great food, wine, and company around the fire with friends, which I wouldn't trade for anything. However, should I have been in the city, here are two things I would have loved to have caught:

    The Marathon. The NYC Marathon was obviously a big deal this Sunday. Congratulations to all of my friends, including Heather Pitsch, Dennis Crowley, Emily Gannett, and Caroline McCarthy who completed the NYC Marathon. I love the photos of the event in the NYTimes today.

    Also, check out these photos from the NYC Marathon, 1979:

    [via NYPL Tumblr]

    The Red Party by Performa. My friend Ashley Simko raves about this unique experience every year. This year's theme required everyone to come dressed in red (to which everyone seemed to oblige):

    [Photo via ashleysimko]

    3. Conan O'Brien returns to the air tonight for his very first show on TBS at 11/10c. Here's how to throw your own Conan Premiere Party! [Teamcoco]

    4. The Food-Mood Connection. Conventional wisdom tells us that you can truly feed your head. But can what's on your plate really affect you feel or think? [LA Times]

    5. The "Mobile Mobile." Times, they are a-changin'. And this savvy entrepreneur is taking advantage of this opportunity. "Vernon Alcoser has cornered the mobile market at two Bronx schools, where students pay $1 a day to keep their cell phones in the trucks he parks nearby." [NYDN]

    6. What does George W. Bush like to read on his iPad? [Gawker.tv]

    7. Huffington Post adds Divorce Section. Today begins the new section courtesy of Arianna Huffington and Nora Ephron, (both divorced), devoted exclusively to the subject of failed nuptials. [Huff Po]

    8. The J5 Collection. The Jackson Brothers -er, what's left of them (Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Randy) - are launching a new line of clothing to honor their time in band, The Jackson 5. [Refinery29]

    9. Five Foreign cities to move to when the Tea Party Takes over America. [Gawker]

    10. In the Times this weekend, I particularly enjoyed these stories:

    While Warning About Fat, U.S. Pushes Cheese Sales. [NYT]

    For Long Term, Men Favor Face Over Figure. [NYT]

    Courtney Love: "I'd Like to Be Trusted Again." [NYT]

    Keith Olbermann coverage. [NYT]

    11. Michelle Obama gets down at Mumbai University. I love this photo! [via Huff Po]

    12. Some of the funniest bike helmets you'll ever see: [ThisBlogRules]

    13. The hand-oxidized gold vermeil chain crocheted web fingerless glove. Cool! [VieSociety]

    14. Yahoo still on top. Believe it or not, the website is leading the pack and has nearly double the display ads of its closest competitor, Facebook. [Soup]

    15. Finally, take a look at what the new Gawker will look like: [Gawker in beta]

    Well, that's all for me today. Do you have something I should include in tomorrow's reading list? Email me! Rachelle@guestofaguest.com

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