Rachelle's Reading List, Wednesday, Feb. 23rd, 2011

by Rachelle Hruska · February 23, 2011

    Today we look at the most stylish NYers and the most un-stylish crybaby world leader. We celebrate with Rahm Emanuel, and toast our friends at AnOther Magazine. We go inside the world's most fun house and we do it all hyped up on doughnut sugar!

    1. Muammar Gaddafi's cult of personality has finally crumbled. [Guardian]

    Former Libyan justice minister reveals Gadaffi personally ordered bombing of Pan Am flight 103 [MikeHudack]

    Muammar Gaddafi's most memorable fashion moments. [Gawker]

    Moammar Gaddafi through the years. [WaPo]

    Latest updates, more Libyan pilots reportedly refuse to bomb protesters. [NYT]

    Soldiers in Libya using .50 bmg bullets on civilians. [CVXN]

    The death toll may be over a thousand. [NYT]

    2. Rahm Emanuel was elected Mayor of Chicago last night. Watch him deliver his victory speech below:


    3. The first real Twitter fiction novel. More interesting Rahm Emanuel news: the fake twitter account @MayorEmanuel that some consider to be the first real example of a new kind of storytelling. "Yesterday, however, @MayorEmanuel outdid himself. He wrote an extended, meandering narrative of the day before the primary that took the whole parallel Rahm Emanuel thing to a different emotional, comic, cultural place entirely. It even features a great cameo by friend of the Snark Alexis Madrigal. The story is twisting, densely referential, far-ranging — and surprisingly, rather beautiful" Go read the story here: [SnarkMarket]

    4. StyleCaster just named their 50 most stylish New Yorkers. On the list? Friends like Luigi Tadini, Abigail Lorick, Bonnie Morrison, Annabel Tollman, Jenne Lombardo, The ManRepeller, Timo Weiland, Byrdie Bell, Waris Ahluwalia, Andrew Mukamal, Olivia Palermo, and more! [Stylecaster]

    5. Olivier Zahm may be the face of indie online fashion website Purple Diary, but he doesn't have nice things to say about his web friends: "The democratization of fashion on the Internet is why the industry is going in a vulgar, common, bad direction." [Refinery29]

    6. Doughnuts are the new Cupcakes. NY is seeing a new trend of doughnut shops, and with them, doughnut art sprouting up all over the place. What's your ideal doughnut?  (I'm a chocolate sprinkle girl). [NYT]

    7. The Daily is launching on the Android this Spring. [Allthingsd]

    8. This is a really cool idea. Photographer Irina Werning loves old photos and started imagining how people would feel and look like if they were to reenact their old photos today. So, she invited people to do just that. Like these three girls before and after. [Irinawerning]

    9. The fight in Wisconsin isn't about benefits, says Bob Borosage, it's about basic democratic rights. [Politico]

    10. How the NBA became English Soccer. As more top stars flock to a handful of teams, the disparity grows. [WSJ]

    11. Eight Charts that explain everything that's wrong with America. [MotherJones]

    12. Left Brain, Right Brain. I love this. [Minilaarni]

    Left brain: I am the left brain. I am a scientist. A mathematician. I love the familiar. I categorize. I am accurate. Linear. Analytical. Strategic. I am practical. Always in control. A master of words and language. Realistic. I calculate equations and play with numbers. I am order. I am logic. I know exactly who I am.

    Right brain: I am the right brain. I am creativity. A free spirit. I am passion. Yearning. Sensuality. I am the sound of roaring laughter. I am taste. The feeling of sand beneath bare feat. I am movement. Vivid colors. I am the urge to paint on an empty canvas. I am boundless imagination. Art. Poetry. I sense. I feel. I am everything I wanted to be.

    13. Snooki in Wonderland. A new book by Phil Edwards and John Tenniel inserts the cast from the Jersey Shore into the classic Lewis Carroll story. [Buzzfeed]

    14. "Gopnik's piece on information culture in the New Yorker is the best thing ever written about the battling Utopian/Dystopian visions of the internet." [Fimoculous]

    15. Arin Fishkin's photo series of kids waiting in line at Disney World is called "delayed Gratification in the Happiest Place on Earth." It's pretty funny. [WaPo]

    16. AnOther Magazine turns 10 and celebrates with a grand party in London's version of "the Box" nightclub. Check out the spectacular birthday cake and photos of the party hosted by Jefferson Hack and Jay Jopling! [AnOther]

    17. Leading attorneys in the U.S. now charge as much as $1,250 an hour. See a ranking of the top billers: [WSJ]

    18. Gothamist gets its redesign right. Someone should tell Gawker to go look at it! [@chrisjoshea]

    19. Taylor Swift toured Asia and had her camera with her. So! (....) she made this really neat video blog!


    20. Here are five better, more brutally honest tips for successfully dating a blogger. [VV]

    21. Mark Zuckerberg, the comic book. [Today]

    22. The WikiLeaks Online Gift Shop. Aiming to raise funds for both the controversial website, and leader Julian Assange's legal defense fund, the site opened this month. Run by German company Spreadshirt AG, it features T-shirts, duffle bags, umbrellas and buttons with the WikiLeaks logo, pictures of Assange and the org's tagline "Courage is Contagious." [Wikileaks Shop]

    23. This is oddly beautiful. Caddis fly larvae are known to incorporate bits of whatever they can find into their cocoons, be it fish bone or bits of leaves. Hubert Duprat gave them gold, turquoise, gems and pearls. [ImRevolting via PonyPony]

    24. Cellphones definitely making us stoopid. A new study shows that radiation from the devices has a direct impact on some brain cells, and is likely to fuel a long-running debate over the safety of the devices. This is not cool. [WSJ]

    25. I'm Banksy. These shirts are perfect to wear around Los Angeles this Oscar weekend. In my opinion, the Banksy shenanigans going on over there are the most interesting happenings of the entire Award Season. [BanksyStArt]

    26. No more than 1/3rd of Americans have valid passports. This is sad, but not entirely surprising. Check out the choropleth map to illustrate the disparate distribution of traveling Americans. [ILoveCharts]

    27. Watch the video of Lady Gaga being photographed by Terry Richardson for Supreme:

    28. Love her or hate her, Gwyneth Paltrow looks smoking hot in a bikini! [Whatevs]

    29. Jennifer Aniston is rolling around London Fashion Week turning heads with her new 'do. Check it out here: [Jessicachu]

    30. This is so cool. Five Seconds of every #1 Pop Single! [Buzz]

    31. Apple to unveil the iPad 2 on March 2nd. [ATD]

    32. Finally, The House that Fun Built. There's tons of fun things to do in this house. Including a slide that wraps around the entire thing! [Level Architect via TheDailyWhat]

    Well, that's all for me today, do you have something to include in tomorrow's Reading List? Email me! Rachelle@guestofaguest.com.

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