7 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job & Travel Right Now

At one point or another, every single one of us has toyed with the idea of quitting our job, subleasing our overpriced apartment, and buying a one-way ticket to another country. We daydream about the beaches of Bali, the vineyards of France, or the jungles of Costa Rica. Except we tell ourselves it’ll be too expensive, we’re so close to a promotion, or we’re worried what others will think. The reality is, life is too short to sit and wait around for just the right moment. We can wholeheartedly guarantee that when you come back from your travels, there will be a 9-5 waiting for you (that is if you want it again), and you shouldn’t be spending the best days of your life in a cubicle. If you want to collect experiences, not office supplies; meet a fisherman in a remote village, not an I.Banker in Murray Hill; and wake up to the sunrise, not your alarm, then keep reading.

[Photo via @garypeppergirl]