Leave Your iPhone At Home & Head To Morocco For Restival

Glamping plus Burning Man (minus the acid) equals Restival, the "eco-lux digital-detox" anti-festival launching in the Sahara this month. Co-hosted by our friends over at majestic disorder magazine, the nomadic retreat promises an experience of a lifetime, a visionary journey through the land of no Wi-Fi complete with meditation, yoga, sandboarding, camel rides, and a sunrise rave. SUNRISE RAVE. Feeling a bit uninspired lately? No doubt this five day adventure through Morocco will give you the spark you need. Kicking off November 14th, there are still some tickets left, starting at around $2,300 per person. Hey, we'd pay that much for a camel. Click through for everything you need to know!

[Photo via @camp.adounia]