With seemingly endless places to travel around the globe, it's tempting to simply hop on the next international flight at the airport, confident that wherever the pilot lands will be an unforgettable destination, brimming with adventure and possibility.

And when the day-to-day hustle gets overwhelming, you may start dreaming of a solo trip - truly getting away from it all - to explore a new place and immerse yourself fully in another culture without distraction.

But narrowing down the perfect destination to travel sans spouse, friends, or family can feel a bit daunting. When the only opinion to factor in is your own, the opportunities are endless. And what if there are cities you would love that haven't even made it onto your radar?

If you feel that way, you're not alone. The reason: It might just be written in the stars.

The idea that personality traits are acquired solely based on the month you were born may sound absurd, but the truth is that your astrological sign might actually unveil important elements about you that can aid in finding the perfect solo getaway you crave.

Words by Karen Ruffini via Insider

[Photo via @xeniaoverdose]