Since its original inception in 1883, magic, mystery, and an unparalleled sense of glamour has surrounded The Orient Express, a cross-continent sleeper train that brought chic europeans as far as Istanbul in style. Agatha Christie memorialized it in her famous detective novel, Murder on the Orient Express, while it appeared in films such as Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes, and the James Bond thriller, From Russia with Love. During the golden age of train travel, the likes of Grace Kelly and Marlene Dietrich settled in for a ride, but of course, planes began to snub out the novelty.

After a revival initiative by hotelier James Sherwood in the late '70s, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express was reborn in 1982. Today the train, owned by Belmond, remains as legendary as ever. Vintage cabins, art deco decor, and opulent accents take travelers back a century, though luxury remains its first and foremost feature.

This year, Belmond announced the addition of three new grand suites, to be available in 2018. Each are themed according to a city on the route (Paris, Venice, and Istanbul) and feature some seriously exclusive perks. Free flowing champagne, complimentary caviar on demand, and, perhaps the most exciting, private bathrooms!

But even if you can't hold out a whole year before booking your ticket, anyone aboard the renowned train is sure to have quite the cinematic experience. Click through for an inside look!

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