Where To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day 2015 In Atlanta

As an Irish New Yorker born on St. Patrick’s Day, I was doubtful Atlanta’s celebrations would ever rival the Irish festivities that consume Manhattan during the month of March. It became my personal mission three years ago when I moved here to try out all things involving an overload of shamrock-adorned clothing. Last year I made the trip to Savannah to see how River Street stacked up against the energy of Fifth Avenue. St. Patrick’s Day has not only become the ultimate party holiday regardless of your ethnicity, but a momentary escape from the cold winter weather thanks to Bailey’s in your coffee, shots of Jameson, and Irish car bombs! So, here’s my list of the five best places to grab a green beer, get your fix of Irish music, and have the courage to say “Kiss me I’m Irish!”

[Photo via @parktavern]