FotoWeekDC is an annual DC art festival that spans from November 1st through November 10th. The dynamic festival began last Friday with photographers and photography lovers alike gathering in the courtyard of the National Geographic museum to soak in the work of FotoDC winners. The beauty of this courtyard exhibit is the combination of local and international artists and photojournalists. The provocative images stirred questions in those that viewed them. I silently begged to the art gods to please explain the back-stories of the images. But that’s the beauty of these photos; they are awe-inspiring and make you ask “why?” Here are my favorites from the Courtyard exhibit. For more information on other FotoWeekDC events, visit their website.

If you need more incentives to go, here are five (superficial) reasons to attend:

1. You can finally break out that DSLR camera that's been collecting dust in your closet! 2. Do you realize how cool you look brooding over photographs? 3. Imagine the hipster outfit you can throw together to troll the outdoor galley. Beanies. 4. When your mom asks what you did this weekend, you have more responses than just "drinking and brunch"! 5. Some of the best work are from children Kindergarten to 5th grade. What have you been doing with your free time? See, reason 2.