More On The New Smith Point: New Regular List, Too

by Sophie Pyle · February 9, 2012

    Last night, emails were sent out to 80 people about the new VIP list at Smith Point.

    There are more details emerging about the list, and the "regular" list at Smith Point. In addition to the VIP list, March 1st will also unveil a totally new regular list for the bar. The old list, which has been rumored to have anywhere between 2,000 and 15,000 people (I know, that is a huge range, we really have no idea) will be phased out in favor of a new list that will be assembled by those on the VIP list.  

    Owner Bo Blair wrote to the VIPs:

    "We are relying on you and the other VIPs to create the new Smith Point list from scratch.  From this point forward, additions to the list will be made by VIP's, Smith Point employees, and myself only."

    How were people picked? Mike Tabb, who is working as a new manager for Smith Point, wrote this to Guest of a Guest today:

    "We received hundreds of suggestions of VIPs from people we trust and value. From the beginning we knew that everyone on those lists would not be able to be a part of the VIP program. We did our best to include people from different schools, different social groups and different backgrounds while all still meshing with the Smith Point ideal."

    We also have confirmation that all VIP invites have been sent out as of today.