BREAKING: Smoke & Mirrors Run At The Standard Hollywood Ends, Relocates Back To Old Paul & Andre Space

by guestofaguest · June 6, 2012

    As we first reported yesterday, Smoke & Mirrors as we know it—the dark, minimalist cavern and jaded scenester retreat at The Standard Hollywood—is no more as of Monday night. Or at least not there anymore. A trusted insider tipped us off that the exclusive late-night haunt with what many would consider the toughest door in L.A. located in the middle of the type of Sunset Strip nonsense it was created precisely to avoid will no longer occupy the former Purple Lounge space in the hotel. Last night, Paul Sevigny and Armin Amiri's anything goes (except photography!) nightclub abruptly "relocated" to Room 86, the former Paul & Andre space which marked Sevigny and Andre Saraiva's first foray onto the L.A. scene.

    And, as you may recall, the hit seven-month pop-up nightclub brought a special NYC flavor lacking in local nightlife that left L.A. hungry for more once it ran its course. Thus, Sevigny partnered with Amiri to bring the displaced loyal patrons of P&A a new place to get into trouble with the opening of Smoke & Mirrors in November.

    [Above, left: photos from good ol' days of Paul & Andre before it closed.] Although there was an air of tension between The Standard the Smoke & Mirrors nightlife team and we knew it was not a long-term partnership, this sudden move comes as a surprise to everyone, including the people throwing last night's Kitsune & Flaunt Magazine after party event which was planned to take place at the original nightclub's location at The Standard until all invited guests received a message that Smoke & Mirrors had "moved back to its original home, the old Paul & Andre space."

    The Smoke & Mirrors era at The Standard has come to an end and that's all we're really at liberty to say at this point. But as you may have ascertained, when things like this happen so abruptly, on the same day events of well-established brands are supposed to be held at the venue and are left hanging in the balance, it was not an amicable parting.

    We'll keep you posted as more information floats our way...

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