Washington Social News - November 30

by Kyle O'Donnell · November 30, 2012

    Barack lunched with Mitt yesterday. I'm sure they just gabbed about the latest episode of Revenge or something. [Gawker]

    Jenna Bush Hager is going to be writing for Southern Living. And people say the magazine industry is dying... [Yeas and Nays]

    Michelle l-l-l-l-licks it like a lollipop. [BuzzFeed]

    The Inauguration theme is "Faith In America's Future?" Ugh, I was REALLY hoping for an Under-The-Sea theme. [Huffington Post]

    Romney is a Twihard? Of course he would love a movie about blood-sucking demons. [Click]

    We all know that Biden was at Costco only for the free samples of pigs-in-a-blanket. [Yeas and Nays]

    Now that was just uncalled for, Glenn Beck. [Gawker]

    "That-Creepy-Guy-From-That-Movie" Willem Dafoe dined at Rasika on Thanksgiving. [Yeas and Nays]

    Barbara Boxer is a modern day Rosa Parks, if Rosa Parks fought for gym admittance for women. [Click]

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