Black & Orange Burger Joint Joins The U Street Corridor

by Laura Fels · February 1, 2012

    Black & Orange has just joined the U Street Corridor, at 1931 14th Street, NW, flipping up decadent, hand-crafted burgers designed and seasoned by owner and masterful chef, Raynold Mendizabal.

    The new U Street burger joint joins the Dupont location, formerly known as Rogue States, in creating gourmet patties from a blend of the freshest ingredients and boldest flavors. With an exciting menu of flavorful options and crisp french fries, there is only one colorful question asked at Black & Orange: Do you want your burger grilled 'pink or no pink?!'

    Last night was their VIP opening event, and Guest of a Guest was lucky enough to join special friends and family in sampling miniature versions of some of the menu's most popular items before the doors opened to the public later in the evening. I even got to meet Mendizabal himself, who was eager to know what tastes from the black steel grill and orange flames I found most intriguing .

    [Black & Orange keeps the grill hot while flipping burgers blended with intense flavors]

    Burger options range from the Now & Zen, a mix of soy sauce, green onion, ginger and sesame seeds, to the spicy No Burger, No Cry, a house blend filled with habanero peppers, and even the Pardon My French, an indulgent patty mixed with black truffle oil and thyme.

    Those who aren't red meat lovers needn't worry either - the spot also has delicious options that cater to vegetarians and poultry lovers. In fact, my favorite sample was The Rogue Turkey, ground turkey and a house spice blended with chipotle and zesty cilantro. Highly recommended!

    The new space is hip, inviting and radiates flavors that are absolutely mouth-watering. The best part? The spot is designed to satisfy your cravings and deliver when hunger strikes by keeping its doors open and ovens hot everyday from 11 AM - 5 AM. Definitely a great late night spot for those who frequent the U Street scene.

    [Guests sampled miniature versions of menu items at the VIP opening]