Lincoln Restaurant Turns One!

by Laura Fels · April 17, 2012

    Last night, Lincoln restaurant celebrated its first anniversary with a special evening of tasty treats and birthday beverages. Since its opening, Lincoln has been bringing the District seasonal market fresh dishes and distinctive hand-crafted drinks, all with a special nod to the favorite foods of Abraham Lincoln himself.

    The interior of Lincoln is distinctive and creative, by Maggie O'Neill--the tile floor is made of over one million pennies!

    The party kicked off with a live band and delicious hors d'oeuvres created by Corporate Executive Chef Demetrio Zavala. Guests celebrated and mingled while sipping exclusive anniversary drinks out of cool copper mugs and vintage Mason jars. The special menu included themed drinks like the Lady Lincoln and the Kentucky Cherry Infused Cooler and scrumptious snacks like a unique salmon tartar and crab hush puppies.

    The best part? Each guest got to take home their own signature Lincoln mug as a party favor, filled to the brim with cherry flavored gum balls!

    It was definitely a very happy birthday, indeed! Abraham Lincoln would have had fun.

    Lincoln is located in McPherson Square at 1110 Vermont Avenue, NW.