George To Build One-Way Mirrors In New Back Bar Area

by Sophie Pyle · January 28, 2013

    Popular preppy Georgetown hangout George is becoming more exclusive. There is a new black card list for 2013 limited to 100 super-regulars, and with it, guests will get a whole host of privileges, including the ability to observe patrons from behind one-way mirrors, sources told Guest of a Guest today.

    The new back bar, which is being built by social Robert Ransom of The Ransom Company, will be introduced to regulars at a party on Thursday. The Facebook invite cryptically promises:

    "We're excited to show you the new layout Thursday night. Not everything is as it seems in the back bar and you may be surprised by the view. The back bar will be open to all on Thursday night, but after that it will be a black card-only lounge and available for private events."

    The big reveal party will compete with The Huxley's Library Thursday launch party, which comprises of a host list that aims to snag George's regulars. The invitation to the club's event explicitly welcomes their "favorite Georgetown-scene patrons and VIP Members," even though it is located in the Golden Triangle.

    This is a clientele George has fiercely defended since snagging Thursdays from Smith Point (which doesn't even open on Thursdays anymore), and it will be interesting to see which party commands the attention of Washington's young gentry.

    Neither Ransom nor George owner Reed Landry were available to comment on the new windows.