LeBron James And The Miami Heat At ShadowRoom

by Alex Max · February 10, 2012

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    Thursdays at ShadowRoom are always a guaranteed madhouse. And that's before Miami Heat shows up to bring the house down.

    With Grey Goose sponsoring the evening, it's safe to say everyone partied like kings. Or at least like King James.

    Although Guest of a Guest only expected LeBron in the house last night, ShadowRoom blew away all expectations, bringing in practically the entire Miami Heat bench to party.

    Even hours before Lebron and the Heat stepped out of their blinged-out Escalades to join the party, ShadowRoom was packed.

    @KingJames tweeted:

    "After all these years I still love DC! Always show me so much Love back"

    Slaying it on the turntables, DJ GoldenBoy rocked the club with downright irresistible hiphop beats. DT Nation, assisted by Dave & Ray and Ashe Entertainment Group, handled promotions for the evening, packing tables with gorgeous ladies and professional partiers all trying to catch the King's eye.

    This wasn't LeBron's first appearance at ShadowRoom, and although GofG wasn't onhand the last time, it's hard to imagine it topping last night. Between entertaining the hottest team in basketball, hosting their biggest night ever, and planning a wild Brazilian Carnival party for later this month, ShadowRoom seems to be an unstoppable force in the District's nightlife.