P.J. Clarke's Sidecar DC Tightens Their VIP Access

by Sophie Pyle · February 5, 2013

    Sidecar, the once semi-private dining area under P.J. Clarke's, is now totally private. While the main level is still open to anyone, only a few will be able to get past the door to the basement.

    Regulars and Washington VIPs were mailed new membership cards last week which will grant them the following privileges:

    -Guaranteed seating -Keep the restaurant open late for "after dark" dinner and cocktail parties (just be a dear and call by 10pm) -Reciprocity to Sidecar locations (the one in NYC is tiiiiight) -Exclusive invitations to Sidecar members-only events -Preferential rates -Ability to refer new members

    The NYC P.J. Clarke's is an iconic establishment, and the DC post is decorated with priceless artifacts and whimsical accents, like an oak bar from Baltimore with bullet holes from 1890, a wrought-iron Solarium from the Euro Disney Estate, and portraits of US presidents.

    When P.J. Clarke's opened, Sidecar was semi-private for VIPs with Sidecar cards, which included the phone number of the manager just in case special arrangements needed to be made. The new program will be very lucrative for DC power players looking to dine somewhere where they will feel at home.

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