"Princeton Only" Party Tonight At George

by Rachelle Hruska · May 6, 2010

    The new hot Georgetown bar, "George," will be the site of a party hosted by the young ex-Princetonian's living in DC. Tucked away in the courtyard behind Cafe Milano's, the party will kick off around 9:30 and last until midnight. "Princeton Only" is sure to live up to the parties of the same alma mater's in NYC....

    The invite reads, as follows:

    In the spirit of wild & crazy Thursday nights out on the Street, we invite you to a night out in DC, Princeton style. We have reserved the hot new Georgetown bar, George, from 9:30 pm to midnight on May 6 for Princeton young alumni. You will all agree a bar could not look more like an eating club...AND be located on a street called Prospect!

    (note: it is in the courtyard behind Cafe Milano).

    There will be plenty of great drink specials (though nothing beats free Beast of course), fist pumping to “Livin’ on a Prayer,” and sweaty dancing...it doesn’t get more Princeton than that.

    Host Committee:

    Hunt Anderson ‘98

    Charles Rigler ‘00

    Mike Nixon ‘00

    Andrew Luse ‘02

    Brian Greene ‘02

    Trevor Upham ‘03

    Barbara Luse ‘04

    David Hecht ‘04

    Cate Edwards ‘04

    Josh Girvin ‘04

    Miller Beale Girvin ‘04

    Peter Kelly ‘05

    Camilo Acosta ‘06

    Frank Langston ‘06

    Sandeep Murthy ‘06

    Ryan McCabe ‘07

    Nicole Scott ‘07

    Frances Dayton ‘08

    Meaghan Petersack ‘08

    Todd Jean-Pierre ‘08

    Susan Lyon ‘09

    Jackie Temkin ‘09