Heist Opens In Dupont

by Laura Fels · December 7, 2012

    Last night we got a sneak preview of DuPont's newest venue, Heist, and we were definitely impressed.

    The spot is sleek, sophisticated and cool and the concept of a robbery--hence the club's name--is an awesome twist. The outside of the club is subtle, but as patrons walk down a darkened stairway, anticipation builds. Entering the main room, guest feel as though they're right in the middle of the classiest jewel theft Washington has ever seen. The jail cell paneled walls, museum-style display cases (featuring everything from real security camera footage to an annihilated teddy bear) and bullet-hole riddled bar further create the illusion of full on debauchery.

    New York's DJ Brooklyn Dawn worked the tables at the preview event, and the cocktails (the Dillinger especially) were phenomenal.

    The club opens for real next weekend...so if you're sinister enough to make the cut, I suppose we'll see you behind bars.

    [Heist Lounge is located at 1802 Jefferson Place, NW. Follow them @HeistDC]