#Toiletgate: Ivanka & Jared Cost Taxpayers $144,000 Because They Won't Let Secret Service Use Their Bathrooms

by Stephanie Maida · January 15, 2021

    Ever since I saw seminal 1998 Disney Channel classic, My Date With The President's Daughter, I've thought having the secret service follow you around 24/7 seemed pretty annoying. Like, if you can't even go on a date with Eric Matthews in peace, who needs 'em?

    Even so, I'd probably let the poor guys relieve themselves in peace. 

    As for our current president's daughter? Well, she may not be sneaking out to go to school dances with Jared Kushner, but she sure as hell doesn't want agents in her periphery - not even to let them use the bathroom.

    What we can only hope is Ivanka Trump's last scandal before finally disappearing from relevance and the White House, we present to you: Toiletgate. 

    The drama comes after reports that since moving into their $15,000-a-month home in the affluent neighborhood of Kalorama in D.C., Ivanka and Jared have refused to let their secret service detail use any of their seven personal bathrooms, leading to agents struggling to find a toilet.

    For a time, they resorted to putting porta potties out on their sidewalk, but after residents complained, agents were forced to find somewhere else to go... when they had to go. 

    In September 2017, they finally found a solution: renting a neighboring home's basement apartment at the tune of $3,000-a-month. By the time the lease is up, the agency will have spent around $144,000 on the glorified bathroom. And if you're wondering who's footing the bill? Well, we are of course!

    Talk about flushing money down the toilet.

    [Photo via @ivankatrump]