Did Donald Trump Plagiarize Elle Woods?

by Millie Moore · May 18, 2017

    We all know Donald Trump has the proclivity to be super shady, but we guess he stole his wife Melania's shtick and poached a speech from someone who is far more distinguished and successful than he is.

    Who did he steal from, you ask? None other than Legally Blonde's heroine Elle Woods. While she is fictional, Elle Woods is without a doubt bright and bold, and not to mention she's got impeccable taste. So no wonder the Donald wanted to snag a few of her lines when he got invited to speak at a college's commencement for some unexplainable reason. 

    Jimmy Fallon spliced the speech to show some uncanny similarities. It's definitely in the arena of plagiarism, but at least Trump didn't attempt the bend and snap! Here's hoping that the next time he pulls a page from our favorite blonde, he's using her tips to get a better fake tan or how to work within the confines of our legal system without risking impeachment. 

    We always knew Trump was a #basicbitch with his petty social media behavior and selfie secrets, but who would've thought he had our film taste as well? We'd invite him to our next movie night with the girls, but then we remember he's totally the worst.

    Watch the two monologues below and compare for yourself!

    [Photo via Legally Blonde]