Now that the fanfare of the inauguration is sizzling down to a loud yell, a much more live-able volume compared to the front row, AC/DC concert level of noise we've been dealing with these past days, it seems many questions are still unanswered. How many people in fact attended Trump's swearing in? How many attended the women's march? Is Kellyanne Conway an inside joke of a human being? Why is HBO's The Young Pope so bad? 

Again, it's been a long week. The one question we can't seem to get off our minds however is just what special little gift was inside that thin, long Tiffany blue box Melania handed to Michelle. Without even touching on the beyond hilarious possibility that the gift itself wasn't even from Tiffany's, but they just used a spare box - here are some of our top picks from the silver-loving store.

[Photo via Getty]