The Oval Office Gets A Face Lift

by MADELEINE STARKEY · August 31, 2010

    What do most people do when they move into a house that's been previously occupied?  They usually make some renovations, adjustments, decorative tweaks.  And the Obamas are no exception: the Oval Office has just been redone.

    The creative license is understandably limited when working on the White House's interior design.  Of course, they could not have changed the Oval Office to resemble the electric ballroom style of the W's lobby (however that would have been AWESOME):

    Here are some pics of the newly decorated digs:

    Here's what the room looked like before:

    While we appreciate the face lift, we still think the Oval room Office is a little drab.  Perhaps some more color?  Some patterns (but we approve of the removal of the flower patterned sofas)?  Some more lively plants?

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