White House Farmers Market

by MADELEINE STARKEY · August 20, 2010

    As summer starts to draw to a close, we realize that the days of our farmer's markets are numbered.  So we want to get you acclimated to all your dirty-hippie farmer's market options before they're closed for the year.  This week, we take you to the White House farmer's market.

    Part of FreshFarm Markets, the White House Farmers Market is a baby in the D.C. farmers market circle.  The brainchild of Mrs. Obama, the White House Farmers market sets up shop on Vermont Avenue NW between H and I Streets.

    Open every Thursday from 3-7 PM, the White House Farmers Market is a welcome respite for those who work downtown and are otherwise incapable to grabbing fresh produce as they dash home.  Further, the White House Farmers Market is a resource for White House and Treasury staff who work long hours and, truth be told, probably don't eat as well as they should.

    Michelle Obama wasted no time opening the market--Barack was sworn into the Presidency in January 2008, and the White House Farmers Market first opened in September 2009.

    Open through November 18 for this year's season, MObama's role in the White House Farmers Market coincides nicely with her vendetta against childhood obesity.  As people get to know their food better, they also get to know their bodies better.  Our bodies like fresh fruits and veggies, not Pop-Tarts sushi.

    To keep up to date on the White House Farmers Market happenings, in addition to White House food news in general, read Obama Foodorama.  It's the official White House food blog, and with MObama at the helm of the food battle, you better believe things at the White House are always moving toward locally grown, sustainable, healthy eating habits.