It’s pretty safe to say that as Americans we love a reason to celebrate. If there were a national holiday in celebration of unicorns (which there probably is) we would strap horns to our head, go straight to the bar, and somehow observe the special day in unison. It can get a little out of hand. Luckily, a national holiday we can all get behind occurs today. On March 25, chefs around the country will light up their waffle irons and pay homage to what is arguably one of the best breakfast treats ever created. We’ve made a list of delicious eateries in D.C. where you can get your hands on those savory, indulgent treats.

Bitches Who Brunch is the website Washingtonians and New Yorkers turn to when they want to know where to brunch, what to wear, and where to party. It is one of Washington’s leading authorities on dining, fashion, and socializing, and recently the site expanded to cover New York City full-time, with the introduction to two Bitches in the City. Washington, D.C.’s Bitches—Cori Sue and Becca, Social Bitch Amanda Jean, and Baby Bitch Deidre—are busy celebrating National Waffle Day in Washington. Here, they offer their picks for the best waffles in Washington so you can celebrate, too.