Twitterific Tweets: A Little Advice For Your Tuesday

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · August 3, 2010

    Melanie Spring @Sisarina Go get some water & sit up straight! Do it. Because your mom said so. -

    Thrillist DC @ThrillistDC Your way to never pay Speeding and Parking tickets ever again:


    DCist Updates @DCist_Updates RT @georgetowndc: another year of @Gtowncupcake! @TLC has picked up a 2nd season of 'DC Cupcakes' - Bunyip21 @Bunyip21 If an Escalade was the only option for a car to steal (assuming I HAD to steal a car), I'd pass. ABC News: - Charlie Papazian @CharliePapazian It never stops. Don't Tell Me Beer is Fattening! -

    Notable Inspiration @KellyLanza Ok, an old picture of me just popped up in my ads/sidebar on facebook, I think they are taking the personalization thing a little to far. -