Twitterific Tweets: DC's Got A Case Of The Mondays

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · July 26, 2010

    @AllisonRockey Felt a chill in the air. Was sure it was not a degree over 78. Can you believe it's 85? My body temp has been permanently altered #DC #fb -

    @hollygofabulous Currently loathing: jeggings! Hate the word almost as much as the look!


    @CapHillStyle Dear Gossip Mags, I don't care how LiLo is doing in jail. It's jail, not ClubMed. It's supposed to be punishing.@washdcnews Sunday storm still leaves some local businesses without power -

    @wcp Twitter-verse to Georgetown Cupcake Fans: You’re Insane! // RT @Buffalo_Theory "This is why I hate humans!" -

    @awesomedc # Washington, #D.C. Ranks No. 2 in List of Best Cities for New #College Grads « -

    @drgridlock This afternoon's commute may be as bad as this morning's due to continuing power outages. #dctraffic #gridlocktip