Twitterific Tweets: Which Is The More Pressing Issue: The Jersey Shore Or Hurricane Earl?

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · September 3, 2010

    Rel Smith @TheRealQuailman People are more worried about the Jersey Shore tonight than The Hurricane or Oil spill, I'm sad to say #ThatDoesntSurpriseMe - Ana Marie Cox @anamariecox Ads for Plan B during "Jersey Shore": Brilliant and sad. - - Awesome DC @AwesomeDC Grandma and Grandpa catching up with the Social Media Presence:

    amhistorymuseum @amhistorymuseum From the blog archives: Michael Jackson was an inventor? - - Nick Kinports @ADMAVEN Are you hipster enough to buy Nike's new Back to the Future style self-lacing shoes? - iTunes 10 icon @itunes10icon Everyone's so quick to judge me. I don't judge you and that shitty, hipster music you listen to.