Back in early January, one of New York's most famous heiresses (and ethical fashion Queen) Amanda Hearst announced her engagement to a surprisingly non-society name, Norwegian film director Joachim Rønning. And now, their fairytale story of 'beyond beautiful member of American royalty meets equally gorgeous, low key Hollywood talent,' has had its big moment.

The two were married Friday in San Simeon California at Hearst Castle. And if you're not finding that crazy impressive, you should be. The massive estate built by Amanda's great-grandfather, publishing tycoon William Randolph Hearst, is considered a National Landmark, has 165 rooms and 123 acres of gardens, terraces and pools, and was gifted to the state of California in 1958 by the Hearst family, functioning ever since as a museum transporting visitors to a time of grandeur long gone. 

Following a private family ceremony, guests of note (such as Nicki Hilton, Kathy Hilton, Lauren Bush Lauren, Arden Wohl, Dalia Oberlander, Luigi Tadini and Stellene Volandes) joined for a celebratory dinner, dessert and dancing in the Moroccan themed terrace adjacent the home's infamous Neptune Pool. But one name that was surprisingly missing from the occasion? Georgina Bloomberg. One of Amanda's closest friends and fellow animal advocate is currently in London competing as an equestrian, as she does. Though, the reindeer who live at the castle's private zoo were however in attendance. So, I'm sure that helped.

Throughout the night the bride stunned, of course, first in a sustainably designed Oscar de la Renta gown (very on brand of her), a repurposed tulle veil, and vintage Fred Leighton jewelry, later into the night pulling a Meghan Markle and changing into a white halter dress by Galvan. 

Also, we have to note that apparently following a toast, the groom "serenaded his bride." We as well-wishers can only hope this was a charming, heartfelt moment. But still, please excuse us as we uncontrollably roll our eyes.

Of course, a beautiful wedding day couldn't be all, with festivities continuing into the weekend, featuring a Chateau Marmont soirée DJed by Paris Hilton.

Click through for shots from the celebration!