Wedding season is upon us, and that might mean your summer weekends are dotted with plans to celebrate loved ones' nuptials, near and far. Delicious food, dancing, merriment—who doesn't love a good wedding? And as a guest, you reap the benefits of months-long planning behind the scenes: The happy couple likely thought long and hard about every last detail, from the flower arrangements draped just-so to the sauce accompanying that lip-smacking canapé you're trying hard not to gobble up the whole tray of (true story).

From the planning perspective, there is seemingly no end to the number of details that go into organizing a wedding menu, no matter the party size. It can be overwhelming, sure, but it can also be fun and downright gratifying when you see your guests taking down the shrimp cocktail with gusto.

We had a chance to pick the brain of professional event planner Susan Hong, the special events manager at The New York Public Library, to see what barebones advice she'd recommend to couples just starting to navigate their wedding menus. She shares three helpful (and practical) tips with us.

Words by Hana Asbrink at Food52

[Photo via Melia Lucida]