The pendulum has really swung recently when it comes to the world of wedding decor. When I got married a mere five years ago, it was still a really sparkly, shiny little bubble. Picture lots of brightly lit ballrooms and black limousines, tightly clipped and domed floral bouquets, plated chicken and champagne flutes, you get the gist. This was back in the olden days, pre-popular wedding blogs and pre-Pinterest — pre the whole barn-wedding phenomenon. Nowadays, even the most upscale brides are embracing the whole rural-and-rustic thing: bales of hay (as chairs), burlap runners, wagon wheel chandeliers. The barnification of wedding culture continues to baffle me. I believe that unless you grew up shoveling fertilizer, there is no need to use your wedding day as an opportunity to re-create a dilapidated cowshed, then prance through it barefoot on an aisle made of manure.

While I am all for creating a groovy, relaxed ambience that allows for your guests to kick back, I think the trick is to strike a balance between over-the-top ornamentation and agrarian economy-chic. Think simple strung lights, lush table garlands, and old-school handfuls of rice. Here are some cool, cost-efficient, and visually sensational DIY decor ideas that I hereby grace with the Stone Fox stamp of approval.

Originally published on Vogue

[Photo via @weddingdream]