This Feminist Wedding Trend Is Unconventionally Cool

by Stephanie Maida · August 13, 2018

    It's the year 2018 and traditional gender roles have, thankfully, been thrown out the window. While there may remain some deep-seated societal expectations, women have more options than ever when it comes to leading a fulfilling life - whether or not it involves the traditional trajectory of kids and marriage.

    If they do choose to say "I do," plenty of professional women, who have already established a name in their field, opt to hyphenate - or forgo the patriarchal custom of taking a partner's last name altogether (a stance also taken by plenty of LGBTQ couples).

    According to Vogue, however, a new trend is on the rise for newlyweds: combining their surnames to create an entirely new one (Rosenthal + Cline = Rosencline). It's unconventional, certainly, but it also displays a mutual sense of partnership and equality. It's an empowering move for both parties, and a literal way to show the world that they have come together. 

    Sure, there's paperwork involved, but if brides have been legally changing their names for centuries, a groom could handle a few signatures.

    [Photo via Unsplash]