When vintage fashion queen Eleanor Wells and entrepreneur Yoram Heller were set to tie the knot, no one expected a traditional (read: boring) affair. The colorful Los Angeles-based couple, whose avant-garde residence has been featured in Architectural Digest, are obviously much too cool and creative for that.

So when it came time for them to walk down the aisle, nothing else would do but a stylish Surrealist Ball extravaganza, plus a weekend full of fun activities in Louisville, Kentucky, like a day spent with friends and family at the iconic Churchill Downs.

For the main event, a ceremony held beneath a vibrant canopy of flowers, the bride wore a custom gown and Cupid-approved headpiece. What followed was a glittering dinner scene, a rainbow outfit change, and an all-night disco dance party fitting for the newlyweds and their glamorous guest list, including style star Natalie Joos, Sweetgreen co-founder Nicolas Jammet, TV host Alyssa Julya Smith, and stylist Ian Bradley.

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[Photo via @natibeesh]