Bites On A Budget: The Best Street Eat Staples From Southeast Asia

Traveling on a budget doesn't have to be a disadvantage. In fact, when it comes to good eats, it's the thrifty backpackers who score the tastiest local delights; an unmatched fusion of flavors, culture and authenticity which are often amiss at fine dining establishments. Street food has come to be seen as taboo, with the pervasive concept of the "friend of a friend" who fell ill due to eating from a street cart. However, our rule of thumb to eating street is simple: eat as the locals do. Country natives know their food best, and the busier the food cart or the street stand is, the fresher the product and more authentic the cuisine. Follow this cardinal rule, and you'll be guaranteed some of the best food in the world without ever breaking the bank.

[Cover photos via @fannfood, @tushar_from_hell] [Photos courtesy Nina Polson]