Masala Dosa (South India)

Masala means "blend of spices," and a dosa is a thin crisp crepe, typically made from rice flour. The Indians of the South know how to prepare this dish better than anyone in the world, and it has become a staple of any visit to Southern India. By spreading a very thin layer of crepe batter onto a giant griddle, the batter quickly heats up and starts to bubble. Once the crepe begins to crisp, a potato mixture made with masala spices is dropped into the center of the crepe and the crepe is folded in half. This is generally served with small bowls of sambar, a spicy lentil curry, and freshly ground coconut chutney. It's more fun to eat as the Indians do - drop any and all silverware and dive in hands first before coming up for air and ordering your second.
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