"Best 2k I Ever Spent!" JRL Takes A Break From The Hamptons For A Weekend In Vegas

by CARSON GRIFFITH · July 30, 2009

    [I photoshop, therefore I am. Photos by JRL] via guestofaguest.com: Besides all of JRL's crazy partying pics - the half naked girls, the booze, the random celebrities (does Camron, a guy who kind of looks like Russel Brandt, and a guy who we think he thinks is John Kerry count?) - the thing that really stuck out to us was this: JRL seems to roll with a plethora of homemade t-shirts. Our favorites are the following: Nice Jewish Boy, Jew Unit, I (Star Of David) Shiskas. We're not sure if he makes those himself or if he has a special guy who does them for him, but nothing says getting crazy in Vegas like a slogan tee, some photoshopping, and asking random people you don't know to take pictures with you for photo ops.

    More photos from JRL's Vegas vacation below...What? That's not what you do when you're on vacation? You normally just try to have a good time? Well, that's why you aren't JRL.