Censored! Is Justin Ross Lee Jew Hot For The Presses?

by BRITTA LOFGREN · August 9, 2010

    Apparently Justin Ross Lee is unfit to print...for the Washington Square News, at least. NYU's student publication recently requested an interview with the self-proclaimed "JEWlebrity," but then required that his answers be censored in order to print. He refused. Well, now that we've got our hands on it, NYU...HERE'S WHAT YOU MISSED.

    For a school known for being open to pretty much anyone and anything (case in point: Experimental Theater Workshop's production of Hamlet...sans-clothes), we were surprised to hear that they would need to censor a moderately harmless personality like JRL. Known for being ruthlessly honest and, yes, a bit crude, it appears that JRL is just Jew much for NYU to handle.

    Interviewed by NYU Sophomore Hannah Winsten, here's what NYU found unfit to print:

    HW: What projects are you in production of this week? What are you working on and where?

    JRL: I've been JewJetting out to LA every two weeks spending a third of my month in Beverly Hills. I'm working on of some television and motion picture projects. Obviously I can't divulge specific details, but do trust anything under the JRL brand will be 100% unadulterated, and nothing that’s been done before.

    HW: Your current lifestyle/job of traveling and partying is pretty expensive. Where do you get the money to support this way of living? As far as this lifestyle actually being your job, where does the money actually come from? Are you making royalties, does clubplanet.com pay you very well for your column, etc.? Basically, lots of people would love to live the way you do and for a living, but just don't have the money to do it. How do you do it?

    JRL: Fuck Hannah. One question at time! Not everyone can live the life of a Jewjetter. But give it a try. Here are the ingredients: A digital camera, an FDIC insured airline mileage account, at least 8" of super circumcised Chutzpah, Bose Quiet Comfort 15 Noise Cancelling Headphones, a Gogo inflight Wifi account, and the tenacity to press the flight attendants' call button until the fucking circuit shorts. Oh, and Google image "Jewjetter". What do you see?...

    Don't the Tisch's support you guys too? I owe many thanks to a very wealthy relative, "Uncle Sam". Most of my disposable capital comes from ATM's, sometimes from Tellers, but they'll never tell... My arrangement with Clubplanet is private, but I will say working with such great people and a wonderful site is worth more than its clicks in gold. The hits and responses my column, "JEWced with JRL" (clubplanet.com/JRL) have been getting are staggering. Major media outlets such as New York Magazine have written stories on my articles. If JRL were any more viral, he couldn't pass a blood test.

    HW: How do you manage to get plane seats right next to say, Ashley Olsen? Is it luck or do you plan these things ahead of time, and how?

    JRL: Who the hell believes in luck? I believe in statistics. I fly 150,000 miles per year. The moon is 250. Think about it. I fly 6 times the circumference of the globe. Most of these miles are earned from high profile routes like NY-LA, NY-Miami and I’m always in the first row of first class (try seat 1A). This is where the Celebs and Jewlebs sit. Ding!

    I never sat next to Ashley Olsen, I never sat next to Brad Pitt. They sat next to me. Brad was fortunate. Ashley, not so much… For those of you not familiar with the shit she had to endure for 6 hours, I encourage you to read the Star Magazine articles hosted on JustinRossLee.com

    HW: I understand that Kathryn Shannon, an NYU student and a writer for NYU's newspaper the Washington Square News, recently interned for you. From all the research I've done on you, you seem to have a one-man job. How does one intern for you, and what need do you have for an intern?

    JRL: It's not a one-man show. It's a lot harder than it looks with many more people behind the scenes. I am fortunate to have a bi-costal (and bi-polar) round the clock team. In LA: My Manager Eran, Agent Roya, and Attorney Usman. In NY: my Personal Assistant Johanna, my Custom Tailor Doug, my Consigliere Drew, my Dentist Shawn, my Business Advisor Kerner, and of course my often deployed, fleet of Shiksa Supremes. As for my former intern, Kathryn was a good kid, but I have zero tolerance for any malfeasance. I fired her for insubordination.

    HW: You make your living "calling out one asshole at a time." NYU has quite the reputation for being full of snobby rich kids. What is your opinion of NYU and its students, if you have one? What kinds of run-ins with the university and its students have you had? Are there any NYU assholes you'd like to call out here?

    JRL: I could never single out an entire student body's reputation, unless I've seen the student's body. Many of the girls I've dated can't spell NYU, let alone complete an application for Stern. My few run-ins with NYUers have been positive with one exception: There was a soft skinned Sophomore who left eye makeup on a 1,000 thread count pillowcase. Another one left her newly-damaged NuvaRing on my nightstand. Hannah, is this the proper forum to call these to broads out?

    HW: Anything else you think is important or noteworthy that you have not already mentioned about your job, life, and/or connection to NYU.

    JRL: If I were anymore exposed, I'd be in porn. Do your Jewdilligence and facebook fuck me. Facebook.com/JRLtv

    [Photo via Facebook]