Justin Ross Lee Kicks Off His Summer Out East!

by Chelsea Burcz · June 13, 2011

    Sometimes you just need to ask yourself, "What would JRL do?" and this summer is no exception. Justin Ross Lee has been making appearances in the Hamptons with a new woman, new water line, and new reasons as to why he should be at your club (yes, his bill was $189,375.98, chump change for a night of good partying, of course). [UPDATE: Oh JRL, you fooled us, that wasn't your bill!] JRL's latest escapades have been recently updated in his Facebook "Jewtopia" album, and we just can't help ourselves.

    Check out how JRL's summer has been going thus far...

    1. He's had his water monogrammed?

    No, that's not champagne - it's fancy water with JRL initials, courtesy of our favorite Jew-Jetter.

    2. He still spends the big bucks, (apparently not!) and is partying as hard as ever!

    Check out that bill! I bet he wishes it was his!

    3. He has been visiting the Hamptons! Surprise surprise!

    Impeccable taste in music while he cruises through East Hampton.

    Partying at South Pointe, champagne in his clutches!

    Hanging out at the Southampton Social Club!

    Again, at South Pointe, JRL must love this spot!

    4. Is there a new girl in the picture?

    Oh hey there, is this a new lady friend I see? JRL dining out at Beach House in East Hampton, and at Savannah's in Southampton.

    5. What happened to the sassy Tinka Milinović?

    6. ...and when he's not out East living the Hamptons life, he's getting his tan on in the city!