JRL Helping Friend's Website "Turn Wimps Into Pimps," One Pocket Square At Time

by Mara Siegler · April 18, 2011

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    Our fav Facebook fame baller, Justin Ross Lee, took time off from jew-jetting to hit the SocialSharkNYC.com launch party at RdV where he mingled with founder Justin Gottlieb, and of course, the ladies.  Both Justins sported the fanciest of pocket squares from JRL's new collection, Pretentious Pocket, which certainly helped with the site's, whose tag line is "Turning Wimps Into Pimps," main goal of aiding men, "looking to improve their lives and understand what women really want." Find out more...

    So what does that mean? Gottlieb explains,

    “We start with a foundation that includes a workout routine, healthy lifestyle, image makeover, and well rounded hobbies and activities. Once our client has a solid base to work off of, it is that much easier to improve his confidence, interactions with women and prowess in the bedroom. We advise our clients on where to take their dates and where to throw their parties."

    They also have a "She Said," page where girls give their thoughts on such important things as cologne usage, a consulting service where they will coach you into being more datable, and a Q & A page to answer all of your burning romance questions. Sample:

    "I'm a decent looking guy in my mid 20's, and I notice when I'm walking in the city there are a lot of hot girls getting their nails done. Sometimes they kind of eye f*ck me. Obviously I have a captive audience, but I always wondered if I could just walk in and introduce myself to one of the cute girls I see. What do you think?"

    So it's sort of Neil Strauss' "The Game," meets "Esquire," meets The Misguided meets a dating site.

    Just take a look at their brilliant answers, complete with delicate euphemisms. Ever hooked up and wondered about the female's grooming habits. Give her a chance:

    "If it was your first time hooking up with her, wait it out a little bit. Maybe she hadn't hooked up in a long time and wasn't planning on letting you take a trip to the finger lakes so soon. If this is the case, the next time she gives you access, she will have cleaned up for the "open house.""

    As for JRL's new company, Pretentious Pocket, just look at those dandy looking pocket squares. Their outfits would be incomplete without them.  SocialSharkNYC.com will no doubt have a post about sprucing up your wardrobe with one of these babies. Could a girl getting a manicure resist?  This look says "put in an offer at the open house" to me.

    For just $58 you can get yours in one of five eloquently named patterns from Jet Set to Lucky Fuck to Delusions of Grandeur. There is also a handy chart that explains the different styles of masculine folds like The Puff Pocket, The Peak Pocket, and the Four Point Crown.

    Guests not only enjoyed flirting and building up their confidence, but were treated to themed Ketel One cocktails. Choices included the Shark-Tini (which came with a shark gummy candy!), The She Said, and the Date-Bait Serum, which apparently tasted much less frightening than it sounds.