"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" Bubbles And Bubbly At Day & Night Brunch

by BRITTA LOFGREN · August 23, 2010

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    Day & Night holds only one association in our minds when it comes to bubbly, and that is as the liquid you spray all over your friends after too many glasses of Rose. But this weekend, the usual bottles of bubbly were joined by a more primitive (yet somehow still mesmerizing) form of bubbles as well...

    Whether your preferred form of entertainment lies in spraying the bubbly or blowing soap bubbles, Day & Night this weekend had all its bases (and generational preferences) covered.

    Of course, the more familiar form of bubbly for this crowd:

    And though a certain member of Team GofG may have been celebrating twenty two years of life this weekend, we apparently can still never let go of that inner child..

    Case in point: Bubble Gun...


    ...and whatever is happening here...

    Well no matter which bubble you may choose, an afternoon spent at Day & Night is most certainly an afternoon well spent. Need more convincing? JUST OBSERVE.

    Come on, how could you resist this?!

    We couldn't have posed this better if we tried

    Excuse me...which way to the gym?

    Pshh...who needs the gym when you can fist-pump?

    DJ Jarret Moses

    I want YOU at East Hampton Point next Saturday.