Calling All Sexy Ladies: Put Your Ambition, Social-Network Savvy To Work At Billy Hurricanes

by BILLY GRAY · August 20, 2010

    Are you looking for extra cash? Are you an attractive and sexy lady under the age of 26? Do you have lofty career ambitions that don't get in the way of maintaining active Facebook and Twitter accounts? If yes, you're in luck: Billy Hurricanes is hiring!

    You might recall Billy Hurricanes. From the folks behind Thunder Jacksons, the Bleecker Street literary salon pictured left, Billy is the upcoming joint vying for the title of most hated bar in the East Village. But based on a Craigslist post, since removed, seeking supple bartendresses, the owners might have some tricks up their sleeve to appease curmudgeonly neighbors.

    They begin by hoping that flattery will get them anywhere, namely the Avenue B "neighborhood":

    "Avenue B is a highly rated up and coming neighborhood with great places like Croxley's, Mama's, 7B, Poco's and many more!"

    There are attempts at multiculturalism:

    "The BH (NB:Ugh) is a New Orleans inspired Restaurant & Bar with a touch of Bayou!"

    But you'll also find a Puerto Rican influence as you "rock to reaggaton [sic]." A nod to the area's Loisada past? Doubtful. Especially considering the evocation of Hooter's as a 'BH template ("but without the sketchy-ness!").

    You can't wait to apply, no doubt. And assuming punctuality, professionalism, "social-network savvy" and a willingness to endure "entertaining, ie; costume nights, loud, fun, etc..." you'll just need to email 'BH the following:

    Name, age, location, college (ha!), Facebook, Twitter, bar experience, availability and "quick biography: why you would be rockin' at the 'BH.") Oh, and don't forget to include a current picture.

    [via EVFeed, Grieve]