"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" Gettin' Down With Taryn Manning At The Boathouse

by BRITTA LOFGREN · June 8, 2010

    With a new menu, redecorated space, and hot DJ sets, The Boathouse has certainly stepped up its game for this year's East End night-crawlers.We stopped by for cocktails and dinner on Saturday and there was so much hype that my grandparents even made it out! We thought it would be mean to snap a pic (/they wouldn't stay still long enough...), but take my word for it. There was seriously an 80-year-old couple there, shakin' their groove thangs to Taryn Manning (the prost from Hustle and Flow, for those who have forgotten) on the turntables. And good for them!

    As a general consensus, the food was delicious (for the Hamptons,) but we'd suggest making a reservation ahead of time to avoid the crowded high-tops in the bar area.  Nobody wants to spend the night smelling like the dinner they accidentally dumped on their lap because they were trying to balance it on their 5% portion of the teeny weenie table.

    The crowd grew younger as the night grew older until, by around 11:45, it was mostly a clan of 20-somethings hobbling their stilettoed selves across the pebble parking lot and posing for candid photo montages.

    Some of them were too famous for Guest of a Guest:

    But others cooperated nicely.

    Drinks were good, if not pretty standard.  And as the DJ started warming up, the crowd got rowdier too.  Some kids were even drinking two beers at once!  Now that's what we call a party.