Michael Lohan Tired Of Relying On Daughter's Fame, Opens Own Club

by BRITTA LOFGREN · June 8, 2010

    So in case Michael Lohan wasn't a creep enough already, he is reportedly opening up a new nightclub in the Hamptons, called...wait for it...Controversy.  As if there isn't enough of that in his life already.

    In some sort of pathetic attempt to save other starlets from becoming train wrecks like his very own daughter (who just yesterday tweeted "Haha! Last night-My friend Johnny put a light up bracelet on my boots and someone asked me if my SCRAM was lighting up RED...." HA! Because nothing's funnier than substance abuse!!), Daddy Lohan's club will be much more straight-laced than other NY nightlife venues.  Lohan will be providing valet car services home for stumbling socialites, as well as a heavy crackdown on drug use on the club property.

    Is this some sort of make-up for exploiting his daughter's troubles for his own personal fame?  We think yes.  And it's almost...sorta...not quite working.  But hey, with a daughter like Lindsay, this may just win him the World's Greatest Dad award this Father's Day.

    [Via Gawker]

    [Photo via Deceiver.com]