"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" Learning Proper Etiquette At RdV East

by SAMANTHA KANTOR · July 19, 2010

    This day and age it seems Generation Y (and perhaps a little beyond) has forgotten the correct etiquette when in social situations. Whether you're dressed to the hilt on a date in a 5-star restaurant or close to displaying your cooter while dancing at RdV East, the same rules should still apply.For those still confused, Best $2K (and our manners guide here) gives you a crash course in minding your manners.

    Side boob is no one's best color; keep it a little more conservative ladies.

    Talking about your exotic dancing hobby is fine. Showing him is another story.

    To the men, never try to out-do your lady friend when it comes to excessive jewelry.

    Texting while skank-a-liciously dancing on a bar dining on a date is an age-old no-no.

    When on a double-date, make sure you keep track of which one is actually your date. And try to keep your shirt dry for God sake.

    Pointing is rude and can make other people feel left out and intimdated (see: scared females in white dresses)

    And the number 1 rule, no matter where you go, always bring enough to share.

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