"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" Micah Jesse's Peachy 24-Hour Hamptons Birthday Bash

by BRITTA LOFGREN · July 27, 2010

    Hot blogger and "Georgia Peach in the Big Apple" Micah Jesse turned 24 this Saturday, and for one who ""grew up fascinated with the fabulous lives of the rich and famous," it's clear by his celebratory antics that this birthday boy has now made that lifestyle his own.

    Starting with a celebration at Day & Night at East Hampton Point and continuing into the evening with tables at Georgica Restaurant and Lounge, what better way to celebrate 24 years of life than with a 24 hours of partying? And though the festivities only actually only lasted about 16 hours, we still say props to MJ for going big...and happy birthday!  Now take some tips on partying essentials from one who examines the life of the rich and famous for a living.  The makings of a good party:


    Vampire bites!

    Girls in wet t-shirts!

    Champagne fountains! And more girls in wet t-shirts!

    These kids!

    Cousin It!


    Ginormous bottles of champagne!

    And of course...a Koch Brother and a bottle of Rose.

    [Who is Micah Jesse?]

    [Photos via ShotbyME.com]