"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" NYC's Fourth Meeting With MYC

by BRITTA LOFGREN · June 28, 2010

    [Photos by Rob Rich]

    The Montauk Yacht Club hosted the fourth installation of the NYC Meets MYC party this Saturday.  With the crowd weighing in at a little less hipster, a little more hip, we're left wondering what next Saturday will have in store.

    DJ Jon Alagem was spinning for the crowd on Saturday night, upholding what some may call that "hipster persona" in his plaid shirt and, well, DJ-ing ways.

    Jon Alagem DJing at MYC

    And while we usually try to refer to Saturday nights at the Montauk Yacht Club by its more appropriate title - Willamsburg takes Montauk, this week's guests shook things up a bit.  What sort of other installations may we encounter in the upcoming MYC parties?

    Minnesota meets MYC?  Their blonde hair and jean jackets just scream "Midwestern Girl"

    Murray Hill meets MYC.  No further comment necessary..

    UES meets MYC: Bar Mitzvah edition.  No no, we're not insinuating that these girls are underage, just bad dancers.

    Chelsea meets MYC? All we're saying is that they happen to be two attractive young men with nice hair and matching outfits.  With their arms around each other. Oh, they're bartenders?  Well that explains the matching...

    The Bronx meets MYC.  And by Bronx we mean the three-block radius surrounding the 161st street stop on the 4 train.

    Well, maybe it's best we stick to just plain NYC meets MYC, and check out the Barracuda Bar at the Montauk Yacht Club for yourself every Saturday night this summer.