"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" PYTs Party Until They Literally Drop At Nello Summertime

by GABRIELLE BLUESTONE · August 2, 2010

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    Saturday night we dropped in to Nello Summertime, the Southampton outpost of the Upper East Side eatery that's quickly shaping up to be the prep school graduate's summer destination. But of course, with youth comes over-exuberence, and as the night wore on, a few PYTs couldn't quite keep up with the crowd.

    With a largely under-25 crowd and a solid mix of current hits and classic fist-pumping songs spun by DJ Ryan Skolnick, the scene brings to mind the heydays of Stereo, where many of Nello's patrons first cut their club teeth. Represented by graduates of almost all of the city's private schools (and quite a few Long Island alums as well), this party isn't one you can easily crash.

    Who's ready to party? This guy.

    Guest of a Guest of a Guest

    Family affair. Not pictured but present: DJ Skolnick's twin brother, mother.

    Bros who dress together stay together

    Power moves...

    ... and power naps