"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" Some Things Never Change At RdV East

by BRITTA LOFGREN · August 24, 2010

    We're beginning to think that weekends in the Hamptons are fueling the flames of our rising immaturity...yesterday we reveled in bottles of bubbly and bubble guns, today it's all about doodled hearts, confetti guns, boys being boys, and other things at RdV East we thought were totally cool back in the seventh grade.

    Yes, some things are best left behind when you finally graduate from middle school. You know, like that affinity for the penis game. Or your weird obsession with horses. Or the failure to stifle giggles when someone says "poop."  Well, throw some Patron and champagne at a club full of "adults" running away from all their weekday problems and bam: we've got a bunch of children on our hands.

    Lessons learned, memories from the good old days, and other sentiments best left in 1995...

    Teehee. Neon penis.


    I swear I'll be Miss America one day

    Dear Mom, we know our faces won't stay this way

    Only once you secure a secret handshake will your friendship be forever

    C-H- come on! You can do it!

    Betcha nobody knows who's making the sneaky wolf shadows on the wall during second period Geometry

    Hey look. It's a witty silkscreen tee.

    Do you like me? Circle yes or no.

    I used to have a bedazzler too!

    Middle school? Hell, basic motor skills should be in place by age two.

    Remember when emo was like, so not cool it was cool?

    If this wasn't so impressive, we'd talk about how shenanigans like this are best left to the pre-pubescent. But maybe instead it's an appropriate time to note that boys will be boys?

    That lesbian experimental "explorational" stage

    Boys and their toys

    Wake up and read the writing on the wall

    Your mom only told you your glasses looked cool.

    Young or old, confetti = universal sign of party

    Ah, young love. So sweet.

    [Photos via KirillWasHere]