Confusion Grows Over Harbor Club - The Official Word From Jocelyn Levy

by KENDRA SEAY · May 29, 2009

    And now, the official word from The Harbor Club's Jocelyn Levy:

    Hi Kendra,

    As with any club, visits from the fire marshall are not uncommon, the club was not shut down - but we assessed capacity issues and came to the following decision -

    After last weekends opening, we have decided, starting tonight, Friday, May 29th, The Harbor Club will be open at its new home in the newly remodeled Georgica Space ( the old saracen).

    The Harbor Club @ Georgica will provide its guests  Lewith the same reasonably priced bottles, cocktails and table minimums.

    Our concept will remain the same and we hope to provide all of our guests with a welcoming fun atmosphere.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

    All my best,


    We are so confused. But Alas, the Harbor Club was not so much a "club" in the physical sense of a brick and mortar establishment, but more of a cast of characters that are looking to produce a fun evening.  So the traveling troupe heads to another town and the band plays on...

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