Hamptons Nightclubs Rack Up Highest Average Bartabs In USA

by Chelsea Burcz · August 30, 2011

    Before we had a little spot called SL East, there was Lily Pond. The venue looked virtually the same, but apparently it had a knack for drawing in the big spenders. The average bar tab at the club between June 2010 to July 2011 was $474, according to Bundle, which has released a list of the most expensive nightclubs based on the highest average bartabs from transactional data from Citi.

    See what other Hamptons' club made the list below from Business Insider...

    1. Lily Pond, East Hampton: $474 2. Provocateur, New York City: $445 3. Club Nikki-Tropicana, Las Vegas: $435 4.  AXE Lounge, Southampton: $356 5. Dream Nightclub, Miami Beach: $306 6. The Box, New York City: $305 7. Club Play, Miami Beach: $304 8. Riff Raffs, New York City: $302 9. Club XS-Wynn, Las Vegas: $292 10. Greenhouse, New York City: $285

    = The big spenders at Lily Pond last summer...

    That's right, Axe Lounge was also high up on the list. Which poses the question, if these clubs are raking in the dough, why the quick turnover rates every summer? A club is considered an "old favorite" if it lasts for more than 2 years. And people are constantly referring to their former names, or their former former names. In any case, seems like the Hamptons didn't do to shabby in a time economical crisis.

    Check this chart that goes all the way up to 25: