How Much AXE Is Needed To Get Into AXE Nightclub?

by Stanely Stuyvesant · May 27, 2009

    [Photo by Blog Hamptons] At first I was confused, "What, now Dune is called AXE Lounge, as in the spray? You're kidding me." And now, I'm just intrigued.  After chatting with Mike Heller at the Socialife Party, I got some answers on the tag-team that has happened between the spot in Southampton (managed by Paige Management), his Talent Resources Group, the Strategic group, and....AXE body spray. Alas, I forgot to ask Mike the most pressing of questions on my mind...How much AXE does it take to get into the AXE lounge?

    Because clearly the man in the photo above has been covered in the stuff. That must explain the plethora of brightly colored babes by his side right?

    And Micah Jesse? Do you use AXE as well?

    And the doorman? Are they sprayed hourly?

    "If we subtract x from y, and divide by z, we will find out what the value of...Axe is?"

    Not sure who these two are but they are definitely axed out..

    So the real question remains? Can you smell the freshness from Route 27?